Coming to High Point Soon!

​​​Schedule of Services:

Sunday School       9:30-10:30 Adult and Youth                                           Sunday School for the Kids                                          starts at 9:45. 

Worship Service     Sunday at 11:00 AM

"Kidtricity"              Junior Church At 11:15

Nursery                    Begins at 11:00 AM

AWANA                    This ministry begins @ 2:00 PM                                    and ends at 4:00 pm.           Bible Study             Every Tuesday Morning at 11 am       Power 66                 Wednesdays- ten minutes of                                         prayer at the following times

                                   6 AM and 6 PM

Youth Ministry         S.W.O.T. (Spiritually Whacked                                      Out Teens)  Every Sunday                                             From  2 to 4 pm. See Steve and                                     Hannah Cryan for more info.

Dale and Faith Ingraham will be at High Point on April 26th, 27th, and 28th. Their Program is "Speaking the Truth In Love." Their program speaks to abuse and dealing with it. Ice breaker the 26th, 7-9. Saturday the 27th they will speak from 9-3 and also present a program during Sunday Service.

​Dale co-founded ‘ Speaking Truth In Love Ministries’ with his wife, Faith, in 2008 to address the issue of abuse in the church. He is also the President of MK Safety Net US; the author of ‘Tear Down This Wall, Sexual Abuse In The Church’ and is also a certified trainer for ‘Plan To Protect’ which is one of the leading abuse prevention training services in Canada and soon to be in the US. Dale and Faith travel and speak about the issue of abuse in churches, colleges and conferences. “Our desire is to help stem the tide of abuse that is hurting so many”.

Edith Johnson, a Trauma Therapist, will be with Faith and Dale to assist those that attend this conference and may need help due to their own association with some form of physical abuse.


Faith is more than religion.

It's about a relationship between a person and God.

Together, we make faith worth living.

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